The Three Heavens, Angels Demons and What Lies Ahead – Book Review

The Three Heavens

Dean (my husband) really enjoys John Hagee, he really isn’t my favorite.


Every once and again I look him up. I can count on him to support Israel.


He is a person that you can count on to have a strong opinion.


The Third Heaven is a book I would recommend if you are interested in the topic of Spiritual Warfare.


It's divided into three sections. First, Second and Third heaven. This makes the book organized well.


I enjoyed the second section and some of the illustrations he uses.


I personally believe we can get a glimpse of spiritual warfare when we study war here on earth.


Pastor Hagee, mentions General George Patton, who realized a truth that many Christians choose to disregard: to know your enemy is to possess the power to defeat him.


If you are interested in learning more about the spirit realm and the description of the three Heavens I recommend you grab a copy fo the book.


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