Biblical Basis For Deliverance Ministry

I'd like to give you an overview of the nature of man and what happens at the time of salvation.


Also the basis for deliverance ministry based upon the nature of man and what the Bible says about salvation.


We are a triangle being body, soul and spirit. Our physical body is a physical container our hair skin and teeth bones and flesh.

Our soul is where our mind and will and emotion tree side and


our spirit man is that part of it in us that drives us if you like that we're compelled to do and leads the soul if you like and

the Bible is very clear that our spirit man is born dead to God because of the sin of Adam and that's why Jesus said in Scripture that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be born again.


here's what happens when a person is born-again. They become a believer and their spirit comes alive.

the Holy Spirit comes and lives inside of them and second Corinthians says if anyone is Christ he is a new creation the old has gone the new has come John three six seven says flesh gives birth to flesh


and the spirit capital S gives birth to spirit and that's what's significant we need to see and understand that when a person gets born again the only part of us which gets made new now is the is their spirit and the Holy Spirit comes and lives inside of us.


we do not have aget a new body tip and we certainly do not get a new soul when we get it born-again spirit and



what happens is that you know we see in counseling sessions and ministry situations that people come in to us and they have what we call strongholds in their life.



in other words areas of their life where they cannot get the victory can be depression anger fear addictions perversions

and in this ministry now we use this definition for a stronghold we say a person has a stronghold earth or some person part of a person's soul their mind memory of emotions that part of them that's not born again that they cannot get the victory.



in if you like that refuses to submit to the ruling authority of Jesus in their life and what we help people to understand is that putting our little graphic back up here again that that



Christian it has the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit in them and they can also have these areas of darkness in their soul and and that's what we call Mary's of darkness


and they can be any one of the issues that I talked about him and and and



what we do teach and help people to understand and I know this is a problem for some for some Christians


but behind these strongholds can in fact be demonic spirits and you see in Scripture deliverance ministry or Jesus called spirits out of people that disciples did it


and the spirits can be inside of us in the essence of deliverance ministry is getting the spirits to come out.


jesus said in mark we are to drive out demons


now things that we do or our gun to us are open doors if you like our entry points for spirits to enter into us and


what happens is a person this believer can be trying to walk with the Lord


trying to bear the good fruit of the holy spirit if you like love and joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self-control


but these others demonic spirits can enter into us and and as part of what we teach is what the entry points are and not only that but the spirits can grow and get more powerful just like the spirit maniiness


grows as we feed him the word and worship and fellowship are we become more mature in Christ and our spirit man matures so these demonic spirits can become more powerful and and


there's a picture of what we would call a demonic torment or demonic oppression

I don't want to get into a discussion of possession and oppression


but we're very clear we do not believe Christians can be demon-possessed because we're God possessed


however they certainly can be tormented and oppressed by these demonic spirits and the essence of deliverance ministry is calling these spirits out we send to dry and uninhabited places

we believe that's the biblical thing to do and then a person can just see fruit in their life again quickly


it's we certainly teach there's not demons behind everything in our life that's not responsible for every wrong thing and everything we do


but deliverance from these demonic spirits can make a huge change in a person's life to begin to see new things and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their life.


so there is a very brief overview of the nature of man how that relates into salvation and the born-again experience