Start Fresh 10-Day Challenge 


Join me as I take 10 Days to review each of the letter and a corresponding subject that starts with the same letter. One letter and one subject per day, enabling you to "Start Fresh".  


Cynthia Martin

Cynthia Martin

I help people who are serious about having a meaningful vibrant relationship with God.

Christians who want to become who He created you to be, walking in the gifts He placed within you.

Going about your days letting the overflow of who He is touch people around you.   

This challenge for you if you are:


  • A Christian who knows they need to re-engage.
  • A Christian that realizes you need more of God for whatever reason.
  • A Christian who is ready to face your mess and finally move on.
  • A Christian who needs something to give them a kick to get them back on track.
  • A Christian who wants to reconnect but isn't sure where to start or how?
  • A Christian who has always walked with God, just learning to walk with God,  or those who are mad at God, His people.  Those who have been disillusioned, disappointed or betrayed.


  • Your thoughts, attitudes, and actions to be revealed through the mirror of God's word.

  • To begin to connect the dots of your history.  Embracing who God is and who God wants to be through you.

  • To begin to recognize the choices we have made, the choices that have been made for us and how they fit together.

  • To Dig into the force and response of Rejection and Rebellion and how they work in our lives and our relationships.

  • To look at how our thoughts direct us. Even the world system accepts the power of our mindset.  Renewing our mind, capturing our thoughts and aligning ourself with God's thoughts and ways.

  • To discover in the core of who we are we have a central belief.  We have a central theme that guides us.  That theme is the number one target of our enemy.  We must allow Holy Spirit to reveal the depths of who we are so that we can align completely with His purposes for our life. 

  • To become like Him, embracing Humility and Holiness.  Making a new commitment to Re-Present Him through our own life to the World.

After Registration

You will receive an email with directions, we invite you to join us in the Private Facebook group.

The value of the challenge is to allow Holy Spirit to work each letter/day's topic into your life.

Replays will be available for 30 days 

This is a beta project, I would appreciate feedback of the good and how I can improve the challenge.

At the completion of the challenge, a bonus private session offer will be made.

No sales push, no attempt to get you to commit to any program.

Class participants will be able to access the replays for 30 days.

Start Fresh is available only for a limited time.

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