Introduction to

Spiritual Warfare

Real Life Revised Discipleship
Join us for a five part online class

An introduction to Spiritual Warfare, what every believer needs to know.

What is Spiritual Warfare?  Where is it in the Bible?  How can it affect you today? Learn to defend yourself and your family.

How do we join God in what He is doing?  How can we determine if we are under Satanic attack or if we are being disciplined?

Our weapons and strategy
Our strategic position.
The tricks the enemy
Footholds, Strongholds, and lies.
Gods plan for our victory
Healing and Freedom.
Who is our enemy?
What does he want?
Spiritual Warfare and personal deliverance


Personal freedom is a component of spiritual warfare.  The process that we as Christians are set free from demonic influences is called deliverance.

Living a lifestyle of freedom

Getting free and staying free



“ Understanding the concept and reality of spiritual warfare has totally changed my life. ”

Join Cynthia as she records the sessions live.

This course will be offered in the future as part of a larger offer.

By joining the live recording you will get the sessions at less than half of the cost.

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