Unlocking inner peace, wholeness, and freedom, obtaining life changing results through So Free!

Have you ever wondered if you'd ever be whole? Are you tired of failure? Will you ever be free?

Are you anxious, irritable, depressed, struggling to forgive, lashing out, bitter, hopeless, or isolating yourself from others?

Are you fearful, angry, feel hurt, wounded, frustrated, feeling controlled, or you've notice you try to controlling others?

Are you experiencing self-doubt, self-hatred, self-rejection, shame, guilt, fear of failure, of being exposed, defensiveness, or mental health issues?

Part of freedom is understanding what the Bible says about who we are.

I created this for people like you, who...

You feel stuck and want a clear path to healing and wholeness. 

Our process in an integrated approach. What that means is we walk with you, with aftercare. We address generational bloodline issues; wounding and all demonic structures are released around you.

You struggle to see how you can find lasting change.

This process addresses trapped emotional pain, addictions, generational bloodline influences, providing a new framework in which you can live out and walk longterm.

You're tired of carrying emotional baggage that's holding you back.

We provide a "safe space" and place to discover the belief system that has you trapped in a system, pattern, or cycle of defeat.  This session changes everything.

You've searched for help but nothing has worked. You've been disappointed and disillusioned.

When you join and enter into "So Free" ministry you receive Biblical teaching, equipping, and you'll experience Holy Spirit encounters.

How does it happen?

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