Cynthia Martin

Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, assisting those who desire to become all they can be.  Meet with Cynthia to book her for your next Event.

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To contact me about speaking for your next event, conference, meeting, or group, call 850-455-5011 or book a zoom meeting (click below to schedule).

Who I am and What I do.

Motivational Speaker: Reminding us all that we be more and can do more than we have believed. Cynthia delivers inspiring talks to ignite enthusiasm, empower individuals, and encourage them to pursue their goals.


Online Life Coach/Mentor: Providing assistance for those who desire to move forward. Assistance for those who need to deal with the past, realign their thinking, overcome obstacles, strengthen their skills, and be accountable to someone who believes in who they are and who they can become.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to connect with a personal Life Coach.


Jaye Waldon
Cynthia is the real deal. Cynthia is the real deal. She inspires, empowers, and encourages.

Deb Cooper
I have learned more in a few months with Cynthia, than I have in 20 years.

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As a Life Coach she is a guide who empowers individuals to set goals, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential. She provides support and structure to help clients navigate personal growth. When our personal life is aligned and whole, we are able to move effectively/successfully in our professional life as well.