Get Your Ministry Started Online

My Go To Trusted Source for Tools, Tips and Training

MyNams short for Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems is a company that I trust. I purchase from them and more importantly I am part of their online membership.  It is my first go-to when I need something online.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become one. If you have a message to share or want to get online to make money or share a message.  I would encourage you to hook up with David Perdew and Jen Perdew Houlk of Mynams.

This month they are running a bunch of specials and I'd be happy to talk to you if you are not sure about any of these if you need to ask questions. However, I completely stand behind their products and services.

Click any of the graphics below to learn more about them.

Available December 3rd and 4th ONLY

Available December 5th and 6th Only

Available December 7th and 8th Only!

Available December 9th and 10th Only

Be sure to check back in a few days as I add more of the special promotions from Mynams through the month of December.