Amplify Your Voice

Owning Your Power & Purpose

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Why Choose This?

Are you yearning to amplify your voice and ministry? Are you struggling to determine if you are called, what should you do next and how should you proceed?

This talk equips you to discern God's calling, own your unique gifts, and speak with power. Leave with a strategy to discover and grow your platform and empower others with Christ's message!


Discern God's Voice

Learn to discern God's voice. As we become proficient, we are able to hear, respond and appropriate correctly what God is saying our life and the lives of the others.


Your Gifts

Discover and begin to practice your personal spiritual gift(s), in your own life and in the life of the body of Christ. Also recognizing how to utilize that gift in the spread of the gospel.


Discover Your Voice

Learn to utilize your identity, your gift(s), experiences, knowledge, in the manner and atmosphere you were created to function in. 

"Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words." - St. Francis Assisi

Our lives should demonstrate the gospel all the time by the way we live and treat people, even if we don't have the chance (assignment) to preach/share with our words. 


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