5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Embracing What God Has For You


Most people have beliefs about themselves that they rarely share with others.  They are so deep many don’t really even know it is there.  They know with an uneasy feeling something just isn’t right or they know they are a bit different from others.

The belief system that we have, was built from our family (past generations) and the experiences that we have encountered. Some of those experiences are healthy and some are not.

All of us have had negative situations that have added to the beliefs that we carry.  Some occurred years ago.  Many while we were young or during formative years.  Some have been passed down through our families, and a few we gained as adults.

Below are 5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Embracing What God Has For You. I hear these from clients that I work with often.

  1. I am broken, damaged, less than, (something is wrong with me).
  2. I am unlovable.
  3. I have nothing worthwhile to give.
  4. I have screwed so badly I will never be able to make it right. Or I am so screwed up that I will never be able to be right.
  5. Others are more important than I am.

The list of limiting beliefs are not limited to these five. There are many and they are varied depending on each person's family and life experiences.

When you read through the list, you might spiritually raise your eyebrows and say to yourself, “these are true” or “this one is true” or “I don’t believe that, but I do know or think __ blank ___”.

This is our protection system kicking in, keeping us protected from perceived possible injury.

Our protection system was created by giving a little to the belief over and over until it was established as truth.

The Bible explains it as a foothold that has become a stronghold. The word is actually Topos, it relates to a map. It’s like giving a piece of your own real estate over to someone or something else. We allow a foothold, a place for the enemy to grab a piece, he then builds upon that space and overtakes more until he has erected a fortified stronghold, usually without us even knowing.

Our enemy the devil comes along and speaks that lie to us and over time we give over to it.  As it is strengthened it becomes a stronghold in our lives.

It’s like we have a pair of sunglasses on that color everything we see.  Whatever the belief is that we have allowed a stronghold to be built around controls how we see, hear and understand.

When that stronghold is challenged you can feel a resistance occur.  It reacts immediately and somewhat intensely.

Another clue that you have embraced a lie as truth, is that your belief does not align with God’s word, His nature, or His character.

Truthfully these lies are hard for us to discover because we believe them to be true.  Others can recognize them easier than we can.

However, thank the Lord nothing is impossible with Him, right!  Here are a few tips to help you discover what lies you are believing.

Devote yourself to reading and meditating on the Word of God, ask Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you, bind the lies of the enemy as you seek the Lord in prayer.  Fasting is a great tool to break us out of captive places.


As always I am available to assist you on your journey.





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